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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Winter Short Track race number two and three!

Beginner Women
The past couple weeks have been awesome for the Velo 16 BSG team at the short track series. It seems as though the races were set from the begging as everyone has stayed relatively consistent in their placings these past two races. Mike Stamey has won both weekends in the Beginner men 40+ category and continues to hold the overall lead. The same goes for Katie Wilson as she has continued to pull farther away in the overall points with her past two wins. 

Beginner Men
The best race to watch has of course been between Shawn and Terry Rudisill. Shawn has consistently placed in the top five with Terry trailing not far behind. Shawn killed himself in race number three but was nipped at the line. He still did an excellent job of suffering to snag a third place which put two Velo 16 boys on the podium for the day.

Sean and Cam coming through the rock garden
Sean Zurek achieved another third place in week two while week three proved to be a little bit more difficult. Sean was in a small group of about four racers when the race started to settle in. After Santana Wilkinson fell off it was just Sean and Marcus from BRICA going at it. Sean made some very hard efforts but on the last lap Marcus got around Sean and hammered hard all the way to the line. Sean ended up grabbing a hard fought for fourth place.

Keith hammering in the CX1 Race
The past two races have been relatively consistent minus what I have mentioned above. The weather has been spectacular as it continues the trend of crappy, cold, wet weather through the week while race days has been in the 60s and dry. We could not have asked for a better start to the season. We are still locked in a battle for the overall team points competition. Cool-Breeze is our main rival this year as they scored the majority of the points for week one. Velo 16 BSG had the overall for week two and now we are trailing again by only a few points. There is only two races left in the series so the next couple of races are going to be something to talk about. We all wanted to thank everyone who has come out to race as well as to cheer. Your continued support cannot be thanked enough!

There is no race this coming weekend as some of the Velo 16 guys are heading to the Cyclocross World Championships to watch the big boys crush. See everyone at race number four!

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